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Our Wrexham Plan (2013-2024)

People make all things possible a plan for life, choice and success in Wrexham.

During 2012 Wrexham LSB have been developing a plan for Wrexham to run from 2013 - 2024. The plan replaces:

The Draft Plan Consultation Launch - Children of 2012

15th October 2012

A draft plan was consulted on between 15th October 2012 and 11th January 2013. The consultation was launched on 15th October 2012 in Acton Park and the Chair of the LSB, Dawn Docx planted a copper beech tree to commemorate the occasion. The tree was grown in Wrexham Council's nursery from seeds collected six years ago at Ty Mawr Country Park by local children. Dawn was helped by local children from primary school through to 6th form and as the plan progresses the LSB plan to catch up with them.

The Children of 2012 as they have become known have given the LSB an outline of where they see themselves in 12 years time and what they like about living in Wrexham and what they would like to see changed in the future.

Tom for example, who attends Darland High School was 12 years old wants to be a teacher, photographer, actor or a designer of new products. In 12 years time he sees himself as having attended university, left home and on his way to getting his first job.

Amy, who was 9 and attends Acton Primary school, likes the library, swimming and living close to those who care for her. She doesn't like litter and "dirty dog owners" and wants to see more homes for people to live in.

For the full consultation findings view the 'Consultations Findings' document below:

Performance 2013 - 2014

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